Care and Maintenance

    Care and Protection of your Coffee (Coffea arabica)

    The Coffee Plant - A Well-traveled History:

    • Small tree or shrub, with big, dark green, shiny leaves/foliage
    • native to Ethiopia and taken to Yemen and Reunion Island (Island of Bourbon) from where it spread all over the world.
    • All “Arabica” coffee cultivars grown today, originate from the Arabica and Bourbon lines.

    Soil or potting mix Requirements:

    • High porosity, well drained, slightly acidic soils or growing media with high organic matter
    • Indoor grown, potted plants do better in large pots, #10 and larger.
    • Azalea mix or any acid loving plant mix could be used, could amend to increase drainage

    Feeding Your Coffee Plants:

    • Granular, soil-applied or foliar fertilizers can be used.
    • Use 1 oz/2 bimontly of fertilizer high in Nitrogen (N) and phosphorus (P) to grow the plants.
    • Use 2-4 ounces of a balanced fertilizer with micro-nutrients for large plants (2+ years)
    • Use foliar fertilizers (macro and micro-nutrients) monthly to keep color on plants


    • Harvest when fruits or cherries reach full variety color (either red, yellow, pink, or orange)
    • Coffee cherries have two seeds or “green beans” (10 lbs. of cherry for 1 lb. of green beans)
    • Use foliar fertilizers (macro and micro-nutrients) monthly to keep color on plants

    Climatic Requirements:

    • Coffee is an understory crop, well adapted to indoor and outdoor, frost-free environments
    • Optimal temperatures from 59 to 75 F (15-24 C).
    • Outdoors - plant in wind protected, partially shaded areas.
    • Indoors - Place near a window, away from direct sunlight.

    Irrigation and Watering:

    • Water thoroughly at least 3 times a week.
    • Coffee plants like wet, moist soils but can also tolerate short dry periods after fully mature.
    • Roots are relatively shallow, higher watering frequency better than long irrigations


    • Plants flower in 1-3 years depending on variety.
    • Flowers are small, with 5 white petals, Jazmin scented and cluster around the leaves
    • Flowers are self-fertile and self-pollinating, it takes 8 to 11 months from bloom to harvest
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